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Please note: Finance for Food is no longer an active project.

We offered a wide variety of consulting services to help food system entrepreneurs meet their fundraising goals as they plan, launch, and grow their businesses. We also worked with investors, lenders, funders, philanthropists, technical assistance providers, economic development agencies, and other support organizations to make their work with food entrepreneurs more effective.

The following services are representative of the work of Finance for Food:


We suggest that you start by reading Raising Dough: the Complete Guide to Financing a Socially Responsible Food BusinessElizabeth wrote this book to answer the most frequently-asked questions relating to raising money for — or investing in — a food business. There are many ways to access copies of the book, outlined here.

Interested in a signed copy, and want to help make Raising Dough available to entrepreneurs with limited resources? Please see the Dessert offering below.

Small Plates

For Entrepreneurs: Capacity Building Consultation

  • When it Makes Sense: Want feedback on your business concept, and suggestions for taking it to the next level? Not sure which aspects of sustainability to weave into your operations, or how? Need help putting together a funder-ready business plan? Ready to launch an crowdfunding campaign, and want to make sure your reward scheme makes financial sense, your pitch is perfect, and your publicity plan is poised to ensure you will reach your fundraising goal? If you need a quick consultation on one of these topics, or any topic related to launching and financing a food business, this is the place to start. (Note: Finance for Food is not a broker dealer, and will not make direct introductions to potential investors.)
  • Process: After you fill out a simple intake form, we’ll have an in-person or phone consultation of up to an hour. Then, we’ll discuss a customized homework assignment, which might include submitting a business plan, proposed website content, crowdfunding campaign strategy, etc. Once received, a Finance for Food consultant will complete a comprehensive review of your situation and submitted documentation, which we will discuss during a follow-up conversation. Finally, you will receive a customized list of suggested next steps and resources, and introductions as appropriate.
  • Cost: $500

For Funders, Consultants, Investment Firms, Individual Investors, Philanthropists, and Others: Lay of the Land Consultation

  • When it Makes Sense: Are you interested in investing in socially responsible food businesses, but don’t know where to start? Are you committed to supporting the so-called “Good Food Movement,” but overwhelmed by the number of organizations in the field? Perhaps you already have experience under your belt, and are ready for an expert’s thoughts on where to focus your next efforts in impact investing, grant-making, philanthropy, or technical assistance service. Take advantage of Elizabeth’s nuanced and discriminating understanding of the intersections of food and finance for a crash-course in impact investing, the web of organizations addressing food issues, or any other topic that would help you be more effective in your work. If you find yourself wanting to “pick Elizabeth’s brain,” this is a good choice for you.
  • Process: Hour-long initial conversation followed by a customized list of resources and introductions as appropriate.
  • Cost: $250 (with limited scholarships available for people working with low-income or otherwise under-resourced communities; please inquire for details).

Main Course

Ongoing consulting projects

If, after a Small Plate consultation, you believe it would be valuable to continue a professional relationship, we will propose a scope of work at a rate that works for you, applying the Small Plate fee toward the overall contract.

Speaking, Workshops, and Interactive Program Design
Please inquire for rates.

  • Workshops for entrepreneurs
  • Workshops for technical assistance providers
  • Keynote address
  • Customized program design for your private event, public workshop, or conference track.


Sharer’s Special

  • Includes one copy of Raising Dough for you, complete with a personalized inscription and author’s signature, plus one copy donated to either an entrepreneur of limited means or an organization within the Good Food Movement (your choice).
  • $55 donation. (Please note that only a portion of this donation is tax deductible.)

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