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A couple nights ago I attended the Local Food Lab‘s Food & Farm Venture Fair at Stanford University. I met several passionate start-up entrepreneurs, not to mention several investors and others who support such ventures. Everyone was excited to hear about my book, which is always encouraging.

The question I heard over and over at my little display table when I described the work of Finance for Food was, “How did you get into this?” At first I thought that people were asking for my credentials, ie, “what authority do I have to write a book on financing food businesses?” But I quickly realized that people were less interested in my resume, and more interested in hearing what inspired me to get into this field of work in the first place.

Perfect timing: Slow Money has just posted a video of me describing what inspires me — and what frustrates me — into doing what I do. It’s their most recent Slow Money Minute:

Some of the best conversations I had at the Local Food Lab event had to do with how we make difficult personal choices to pursue work that truly fulfills us. We shared stories about the challenges that come from deciding to do what you are called to do, rather than what you are expected to do, or what might be the most lucrative career path… though these may not be mutually exclusive, of course.

I have been very fortunate to have spent the last ten years of my professional life working with socially responsible food entrepreneurs, helping them identify and access the most appropriate types of capital for their ventures. One of the best events for getting your head around just how complex and exciting this field can be is the Slow Money National Gathering, happening this year in Boulder, CO, from April 29-30. (If you haven’t already registered, you’d better do so soon!) Perhaps I’ll see you there, and we can compare notes on staying inspired?

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